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Registration provisions of the declaration
Please read the following agreement and agree the pre-registration to continue

Welcome you to join the Meridian Project scientific data sharing platform. The goal of a shared platform is the integration of space systems science data resources,processing data products, a major national strategy, space systems, scientific research, higher education, public scientific data to support a comprehensive scientific data sharing to promote the use of space systems.In order to maintain public order and security, social stability, please read and consciously abide by the following terms:

First, shall not be used to endanger national security, leaking state secrets, shall not be violated national social collective and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, shall not use this site production, reproduction and dissemination of illegal and violations of public morality.

Second, the data users to use all or part of the data on the basis of the Meridian Project achievements in space physics and space field of the environment in any form, including published scientific papers, monographs, data products and unpublished research reports, data productsthe results of system development, and results reported Award, the development and application, etc., shall strictly abide by the relevant national security and intellectual property provisions, clearly indicate the source of data, marked "the results of the use of national major scientific and technological infrastructure meridian Projectscientific data "(in English label: Web acknowledge the use of data from the Chinese Meridian Project)。

Third, without the written permission of the Meridian Project data center, data users in any way other countries, separately to the Meridian Project did not participate in the construction of the units and individuals, This unit is responsible for the Meridian Project data. If the need to separate data exchange, the local distribution of the right of the user (for example: the campus network share, unit or department within the dissemination, etc.), etc., to be approved by the Meridian Project data center and the signing of the related trust agreement.

Fourth, the user in the process of data using data quality problems found in the obligation to feedback to the Meridian Project data center information, after being reviewed, to modify data. Users where there are contrary to the terms of this agreement and conflict behavior as a breach of contract, the data center of the Meridian Project will depend on the extent and impact of the size of its breach of contract, to give notice of warning to cancel the user permissions different punishment.