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Chinese Meridian Project

       The Meridian Space Weather Monitoring Project (or Chinese Meridian Project) is a ground-based program to monitor China’s geospace environment to acknowledge the needs of both basic science and useful space weather operations. The Meridian Project consists of a chain of 15 ground-based observatories located roughly along 120°E longitude and 30°N latitude. Each observatory is equipped with multiple instruments to measure key parameters such as the baseline and time-varying geomagnetic field, as well as the middle and upper atmosphere and ionosphere from about 20 to 1000 kilometers. Starting in 2011, the project will collect data for at least 11 years, providing the wide-range, continuous, and multiparameter data sets needed to guide model developments, which in turn will better describe and predict the characteristics and dynamics of the geospace environment.

       The data center for Meridian Project collects, process, stores and manages the data produced by the Meridian Project's observational instruments, provides data services.

Meridian Project Data Center
August 2009